Deepening my connection with nature and plants is a passion

Wendy Wildcraft is a wildcrafter, home herbalist and herbal apothecary. I sell my herbal products online, at fairs and in select local stores. I grow my herbs without the use of chemicals, harvest some from the wild, purchase some from my local nurseries and the rest come from an organic supplier. I've been interested in herbs for as long as I can remember. I love working with herbs to craft new herbal products. I take great pride in what I create. I make my herbal goods in small batches. If you are looking for something I currently don't have listed please send me a message I might have it or I might be able to make it for you. I enjoy taking herbal classes, herbal medicine making workshops and apprenticeships in herbalism. I'm always learning something new about plants and medicine making. I don't think I'll ever stop taking classes in herbalism. Deepening my connection with nature and plants is a passion.