The Evil Eye

A Malevolent Stare

The evil eye is a fear that spans the ages from Greek mythology to Irish lore. It's believed to be a stare that brings misfortune to the receiver for reasons of envy, jealousy, anger, or dislike. The evil eye is not an amulet, it's a curse.

The Evil Eye Amulet

The evil eye amulet is an ancient universal symbol of protection, but it’s most popular in West Asia and the Mediterranean. An evil eye amulet is believed to repel the evil eye. It can be worn as jewelry, hung in the home, car, office, locker, etc.

To wear an evil eye amulet, it's best to take a moment to focus on your intent. It's believed that wearing an evil eye amulet carelessly might render its protection useless or you might even receive a more potent curse.

Wear an evil eye amulet always or at times you need more protection. It's empowering to put on and is a reminder to not let the bad in. It's also a way to practice your magic daily. Say a prayer or a few words of protection as you take time to put it on making it your personal ward.

Turkish evil eye smulets

Glass evil eye amulets imported from Turkey

Why blue? The Greek philosopher Plutarch mentioned those best at delivering the curse were blue eyed. Blue (and green) is a rare eye color in regions where the evil eye curse belief is popular.


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