What is Cleromancy:

Cleromancy is a form of divination by the way of casting lots. After I cast, I read how my objects fall. These types of readings are direct and draw light on current situations in your life. They can help you understand what's going on, help you to grow, and to make your own decisions when it comes to troubles in your life.

My Cleromancy Reviews


"I requested a general reading without mentioning the question in my mind and it came back focused on that one question. Really helped put some light on the subject, great reading really honed into what I was most concerned about." GS92121


"ty u did a great job" SM92221


"I had no idea what this was about (Cleromancy). However, I had my first reading. At first I wasn't sure what to ask, once I knew. It was the confirmation, I needed." EM92221


"Great reading Wendy, it touched upon many of the concerns I currently have." JS92221


"The reading was informative and interesting. I love that you sent a photo of the casting, that was a very nice touch." MC92421


"This reading was very good. I do have a lot of money going out. More than I would like. And the work could be more pointed to school for me right now. I did poorly on my homework assignment." JJ92421


"Reading was great. Yes I am stuck and must work on it. Loved the reading. Thanks" VH92321


"My reading from Wendy made sense to me right away, which being a seer/diviner myself, does not always happen. Some of the messages for me were a little hard to take, but was exactly what I needed to hear. Overall Wendy is a skilled reader and also very warm and empathetic in delivery. If you need a caring reading, but without the sugar-coating, here you are. Thanks Wendy!" LG92421