Sand Charms

This post is based off the, "What is Sea Sand?" and "Sea Sand Charms", sections in the first edition of my book, Sea Witch

Sand is a complex mixture of fragmented rock, seashells, coral, and other matter. Due to this composition, sand has just as much magic as the stuff it's made from. Here are some ideas for use of sand.

  • Fill a small glass vial with sand and carry it with you for a connection to the place it was gathered from
  • Mix a small amount of sand with sea water to make a paste, lay down on the beach, and place a small amount of paste on your forehead. Relax and feel the magical power of the sand. Wipe it off before getting up
  • Sprinkle sand on the thresholds of your home to keep out unwanted energy and for protection
  • Place a jar of sand under your bed for protection
  • Place a pinch of sand in your wallet for good luck
  • Bury sand safe objects in the sand to cleanse them


Sea Witch by Wendy Joubert (First Edition, 2008) Pages 41-43

Sea Witch by Wendy Joubert (Second Edition, 2022)