Cat's Eye Shell

Cat's eye shells are also called Shiva's Eye, Eye of Santa Lucia, Mermaid's Money, and Eye of Buddha.

Cat's eye shells are lid like structures (operculum) from certain turban sea snails. There are other fresh and marine snails that have these lids, but we most often use the turban sea snail's lid in magic. The snails use these lids to close themselves off from prey and to keep themselves from drying up. When the snail dies, the lid falls off.

Cat's Eye Shell Correspondences

Cats Eye Shell Spiral

Cat's Eye Shell Spiral

  • The spiral side of the shell can be used for wisdom, knowledge, and unwinding.

Cats Eye Shell

Cat's Eye Shell

  • The eye side of the shell can be used for protection, as an amulet against the evil eye, to ward off evil, and for sight.


Cat's Eye Shells

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