Consult The Cowrie!

A quick start guide for a yes or no answer

Purple topped cowrie seashells

Purple topped cowrie shells

Pick two cowrie shells that you're drawn to. Find a flat surface to cast your shells on. Line the surface with a cloth. The cloth will prevent the seashells from bouncing around too much.

Hold the shells in your hands while focusing on your question. When you're ready, toss the shells onto the cloth.

Read the cowrie shells according to the list below:

  • 2 slit sides up: yes
  • 2 slit sides down: no
  • 1 slit side up and 1 slit side down: ask again later

Consult The Cowrie by Wendy Joubert Quick Start Guide

Consult The Cowrie Quick Start Guide by Wendy Joubert


  • Store your seashells in a special bag for dedication and safe keeping
  • Work with your shells often to create a special bond
  • Practice your toss for consistency
  • Felt makes a great casting surface


Sea Witch by Wendy Joubert (2022)