Sand Dollar Wishes

This post is based off the, "Sand Dollar Spell" in the first edition of my book, Sea Witch.

While at the beach, break open the sand dollar and collect the tiny dove shaped pieces inside. These dove shaped pieces are part of the Aristotle's Lantern. Aristotle's Lantern is an internal feeding structure that contains five teeth. Make a wish upon each tooth and toss them into the sea. You have five wishes to make. Use them wisely.

Legend of the Sand Dollar

Now break the center open

And here you will release,

The five white doves awaiting

To spread good will and peace.


  • Please make sure when you find a sand dollar that it’s dead. Sand dollars have tiny hair like spines on the underside when they’re still alive.
  • Sand dollars have a coin like appearance making them a perfect symbol to represent money.
  • The best time to make wishes is during a waxing moon. 


Sea Witch by Wendy Joubert (First Edition, 2008) Page 123

Sand dollar image courtesy of Brandon Imbriale

Birch Aquarium

Sea Witch by Wendy Joubert (Second Edition, 2022)