Brighid Anointing Oil

Brighid anointing oil is a symbol and tool of your belief in Brighid and her ability to cleanse, protect, and make things sacred.

Anoint others before physical or spiritual healing, as a blessing, for protection, or for another specific reason.

Anoint Others

Wet you finger with oil. Smooth the oil on their forehead, on the back of their neck, or other area that is appropriate for the anointing. (Avoid open skin and mucus membranes.)

While anointing you can say:

I anoint you with this sacred oil in the name of Brighid

Triple Goddess

Maiden, Mother, Crone

The Oil

Brighid Anointing Oil: I crafted this anointing oil with organic sunflower oil and rose essential oil then it's blessed in the warm glow of a candle holding the seed light from Brighid’s Flame in Kildare, Ireland.

Anoint Others with Brighid Anointing Oil


Imbolc by Carl F. Neal

Brighid's Flame