Artemisia vulgaris

Herb for protection, dreaming and women

Common Names

Sailor's tobacco, Witch Herb and Mug Herb

Parts Used

Leaves and Flowers

Fresh mugwort leaves

Fresh organic mugwort leaves

Harvesting Mugwort

Mugwort grows along roads, wastelands and edges in full sun to part shade in moist soil. Harvest mugwort before flowering for internal preparations. For external preparations, incense and dream pillows, harvest mugwort when in flower.

“First of this Mugwort it did take the name,

Of Artemisia wife to Mausoleus,

Whose sun-bred beauty did his heart inflame,

When she was Queen of Halicarnassus,

Diana gave the herb this name to us:

Because this virtue to us it hath lent,

For women’s matters it is excellent.

And he that shall this herb about him bear,

Is freed from hurt or danger any way…”

-Robert Chester from Love’s Martyr, 1601

Mugwort Folklore

Mugwort is utilized for protection. Artemis, protector of the woodlands, is associated with this herb. It's one of the nine sacred herbs of the Saxons. Protect and cleanse with mugwort oil, smoke and tea.

Mugwort for Women

Mugwort is associated with the moon and is referred to as being feminine. Artemis, Goddess of fertility, is associated with this herb. Mugwort is an emmenagogue, it assists the flow of menstrual fluid.

Dreaming with Mugwort

Before bed burn mugwort incense or smudge with it, drink mugwort tea or tincture, bathe in mugwort, smoke it, anoint with mugwort oil or salve or place a mugwort pillow under yours. These ways can also be utilized before divination, meditation and spell work. Mugwort thins the realm of sleep and awake.

Cooking with Mugwort

Mugwort is mildly bitter and supports digestion. Mugwort complements fatty birds like duck. Toss a few mugwort leaves in your salad or soup. It goes great with sweet vegetables like winter squash and sweet potatoes.

Mugwort Recipes

“If they wad drink nettle in March

And eat muggons in May,

Sae mony braw maidens

Wadna gang to the clay!”

-Scottish Saying

Mugwort Tea

Place 1 teaspoon dried mugwort leaves in a cup or 1 tablespoon fresh. Cover with 8 oz. hot water. Steep covered for 5-15 minutes (5 for mild or 15 for strong). Strain, enjoy. Drink one hour before bed for dreams or before meditation or divination. Wash yourself, sacred spaces or magical tools with mugwort tea to cleanse and protect.

Mugwort tincture made with fresh leaves

A mugwort tincture with fresh mugwort leaves

Mugwort Tincture

Fill a jar with fresh mugwort leaves or ½ way with dried. Fill the jar to the neck with 100 proof alcohol. With lid on, infuse for 1 moon cycle out of direct sunlight. Shake daily. Strain and bottle. One dropper in a little water one hour before bed for dreaming or the same before meditation or divination. Also works great as a mild bitter to assist digestion.

Mugwort Smudge Sticks

Gather wilted flowering mugwort into a tight bundle about 5” long and 1” thick. Tie the end. Wrap up the bundle then back down and tie off. Dry before utilizing. Light the end and blow it out. Place in a heat safe container as incense or smudge a person, place or object to clear and protect. Burn before bed to help with dreams or before mediation or divination.

Flowering mugwort oil

Herbal infused oil made with flowering mugwort

Mugwort Oil

Fill a jar half way with dried flowering mugwort. Fill the jar to the neck with olive oil. With the lid on, infuse for 1 moon cycle in sunny window. Shake daily. Strain and bottle. Anoint with mugwort oil for protection, dreaming, before divination or meditation or rub on crampy tummy.

Mugwot Salve

Heat 1 oz. beeswax in a small pot over low heat until just melted. Add 4 oz. mugwort oil and heat until just melted. Pour salve into five 1 oz. tins. Let cool before capping. Rub on temples, nape of neck or soles of feet before bed, meditation or divination.

Mugwort Vinegar

Fill jar with fresh mugwort or 1/2 way with dried. Fill jar to the neck with vinegar. With plastic lid on, infuse 1 moon cycle. Shake daily. Strain and bottle. Utilize in oxymels, vinaigrettes, marinades and after sun care.

Mugwort and lavender dream pillow

I used mugwort and lavender to make a dream pillow

Mugwort Pillow

Fill bag with dried flowering mugwort until about 1" thick. Stitch open end. For dreaming, place under pillow. For protection, carry it on you.


This blog post is for educational purposes only. Don't take mugwort if pregnant or breastfeeding. Readers must do their own research on safety and usage of mugwort.


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